The way our tea net is produced.
A very short insight into our production. So that you can see how we fabricate it and that we make every effort at the production
of your tea strainer.

production of the rings
production of the filters

We source our wire for decades at the same supplier. The reasons therefore are resided in the quality of the product and the reliability of the delivery firm. We get the wire in so-called long conductors, this just means that several meters are winded to a ring. Which else sensible delivery form should there be?

Well, the wire goes into our bending machine. The long conductors are turned into short conductors, but deformed...
The wire is cut in one process and through a puzzled-out constructed tool the necessary bends are fixed.

Out comes the product
"ring for tea filter" - but still uncoated.
The finish, the powder coating, happens again in an automatically working plant. Epoxy resin powder is charged electrostatically and sprayed on the rings. An even, powdery coating comes up which is going to be netted.

Thereto the rings are exposed for a certain time to quite high temperatures in an oven. The powder forms in this melt and netting process an anticorrosive, chemical-resistant plastic layer of about 100 mµ lamination strength - the ring is finished...
... and we can start with the corresponding filters.

The required fabric awaits the following treatment. It is - by the way - produced exclusively for us. It is laid-out in long alleys on an eight meter long table, then divided and cut with a revolving knife.

Per table about 1000 fabric slats come out which are about that wide as the prospective tea filter will be long.
To be exact: the finished tea filter will be about 1 cm / 0.39 inch shorter because we need this 1 cm / this 0.39 inch for the seam.
The production of the seam is the next work step - real handwork, by the way.

Professional hands are demanded which are able to lead the very soft and flexible fabric with the necessary high speed.

Perfection comes with longtime experience.
The developing seamed fabric slats are cut into double filter width and go to our whipping machine.

There the seal is produces which changes the "cloth of fabric" into a tea net. A process which works automatically as well.

When we began to construct this machine years ago many experiences people said: "You can't do that. This fabric cannot be sewed automatically". A sentence which we could disprove, fortunately.
It looks like that, the finished product - installed on the belonging ring..

A real German low-tech product, but produced with diligence. Like that or similar packed it is delivered to you and does not have to hide from tea filters made of paper or the like.

Because it is still inexpensive, durable, resource-sparing, tasteless and of high quality, our, no, as well your tea net. .

Cheers to a good cup of tea!

So just try it, the tea net!

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