Our Tea Filter! Recommended to reproduction!
Here you are supposed to get to know it,
and, of course, to understand it.
That's why we are sad when
we meet people who dislike it.

The Ring
The Filter
Sizes Of Filter
Epoxical powder coating on galvanised steel wire
Cutting edges:
powder coated as well for the best corrosion protection
Whipped seam:
3-threads-seam (so that it sticks)
Border seam:
highly elastically dipsy-doodle sewed for flexible stability
made of cotton as well, of course
Filter fabric:
100% cotton, unbleached

The Ring

Steel wire, galvanised. Diameter 2.5 mm. Is delivered on a spool, is here spindled off, then cut and bent to a ring. All this happens in one process on a machine which was constructed for this purpose.

Subsequently a powder coating of epoxy resin is put on. (In case of special interest in this technique we recommend to click here.)

Some people will sniff at this: plastics!

These people have to be told: A ring is necessary, to produce it of wood or other alternative materials would definitely not be indicated (costs, weight, durability, technical problems), to leave it in galvanised state would be very unattractive and contains the risk of the development of zinc oxide (white rust; white, powdery coating).

So some coating is necessary - for technical and optical reasons. And this coating has to be mechanically stable, to cover the cutting edges of the ring and to be acid-

and lye-resistant. Plus, it may not contain plasticizer and shall be physiologically harmless after curing.

All these receivables are being fulfilled by the above mentioned material at best - therefore epoxy.

The Filter

100% cotton, unbleached, washed, rinsed and "Öko-Tex Standard 100" controlled. Additionally supervised by the conditions of the "DAB" about the production of gauze bandages.

The fabric of the filter is that close-meshed that residues of finest broken teas will not insult the tongue. The filter's volume is that plenty-measured that even tenderest big-petaled plants have enough space to swell.

We abstain from synthetics (for example for the seam) consciously. Two seams change the cotton knit fabric into a tea net: the border seam ensures the filter's flexible stability on the ring, the 3-threats whipped seam changes the cloth-shaped fabric into the tea filter. The result, installed on the ring, is available for you in different sizes and packing.

(for the topic "packing" also see the sales area)

Filter sizes

There are three of it. They cover easily all usual can cap opening sizes. The size "I" can greatly be used as filter for a cup as well.

The sizes and their measures:

Diameter (approx.)
Length (approx.)
7 cm
2.76 inch
11 cm
4.33 inch
9 cm
3.54 inch
12,5 cm
4.92 inch
11 cm
4.33 inch
14 cm
5.51 inch
II (extra long)
9 cm
3.54 inch
20 cm
7.87 inch
I (cup filter)
7 cm
2.76 inch
8 cm
3.15 inch

Therewith most should be said about the topic. If there still are unanswered questions - yes, please, see below: phone, e-mail and fax.

Apropos, now, knowing it - the tea filter - you ought to like it and to be able to recommend it.

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